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Benj Trogdon

I want to do a post on here for some of the people I ride with and that I know on High Rock.  First up is my favorite person to watch ride, Benj Trogdon.  When I met him almost 3 years ago he had just started wakeboarding and only had a few tricks like a heel 3 and your basic wake to wake stuff.  Since then he has progressed more than anyone I know, learning all kinds of inverts and spins.  He has several 540’s down, all the basic inverts, awesome backside 180’s and spinds, some mobes, a huge batwing, and very recently a Whirly Bird.  I know he will keep getting better and I seem to ride better around him.  He has a great attitude about the sport and towards anyone involved.  Benj usually rides on Tuckertown behind his brand new 09 VLX but comes up to High Rock on occasion.  Keep up the great work Benj!


3 Responses to “Benj Trogdon”

  1. awww yeah, I love you too Shaun!!!!!!!! thanks man

  2. Let me also add that Benj grabs every trick. He is not just doing these tricks, he is doing them with great style.

    Benj also recently became the State Champion in the expert division in the INT League. He will be traveling to Arkansas this week to compete in the Eastern Regionals (INT cancelled the US Championships due the economy)

    Good Luck Benj! We are cheering for you!

  3. Just adding Toeside 720 and Heelside 720 to the trick list! haha

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